Education Overview

For decades the GAUS has stood at the forefront in developing innovative, evidence-based quality education for urologists and urologic health professionals worldwide – throughout all stages of their careers. GAUSEducation offers you and your team year-round access to a growing repository of valuable information through live and online educational opportunities. 


The Latest in GAUS Education

2021 Fundamentals in Urology Registration Open

GAUS's Fundamentals in Urology course is designed to apply basic science knowledge and principles in development of treatment algorithms. This course will provide attendees with valuable skills in developing a rational methodological approach to application of knowledge which will contribute to positive outcomes for patients. Attendees will discover the importance of the study of basic sciences and how it transfers into the lifelong learning process and medical practice. This course is designed to ensure a fundamental knowledge of the "why" behind a broad expanse of general urologic conditions. A thorough knowledge of the basic science behind the treatments will allow for better counselling and education of patients by all clinical urologic practitioners.   Register Today

2021 Annual Review Course Registration Now Open

For the GAUS Qualifying (Part 1) Examination, residents need to possess basic urologic knowledge and an understanding of current Ghana Association Urological Surgeons practice guidelines. To fulfil this need, the GAUS developed this course to disseminate current urologic knowledge and successfully prepare residents for the GAUS examination.   Learn More