September is Prostate Cancer Awareness Month

September is Prostate Cancer Awareness Month, and GAUS is leading the charge in raising public awareness about prostate diseases.

As part of this year’s Prostate Cancer Awareness Month activities, the national executive committee of GAUS is proposing a surgical operation program aimed at men in need of prostate operations. The program’s goal is to reduce the backlog of patients waiting for prostate surgeries while also raising awareness about the treatment options available to patients with prostate diseases.

If approved, the program would prioritise men with chronic indwelling bladder catheters as a result of prostate diseases.

Candidates for the operations should be covered by NHIS in order to defray some of the costs. Some corporate bodies may be interested in co-sponsoring the program.

To organise the program in their hospitals, the various urology centres across the country will need to coordinate with their hospital administrations, anaesthetists, nurses, and other stakeholders. Members who already have outreach programs in place can use them for the same purpose.

Members are requested to furnish the NEC with the number of men in their facilities who have chronic indwelling catheters and are awaiting surgery; for the purposes of media engagement and seeking sponsorship for the proposed program.

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